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Ruibang is one of the world's largest producers of calcium gluconate. Our sole dedication to
Calcium gluconate for the pharmaceutical and related industries allows us to focus on
providing the highest performing, advanced Calcium gluconate solutions and support services
to our customers. Learn more about our wide range of potential applications.

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Gluconates (Calcium, Ferrous, Magnesium, Manganese, Sodium and Zinc)
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RUIBANG offers a broad range of cost-saving excipients to the pharmaceutical and nutritional markets. Our binders disintegrates, lubricants and fillers are produced in China and distributed globally. Excipients are a necessary component in the production of pharmaceutical and nutritional products, ensuring efficacy, safety, stability, storage, and enabling enhanced functionality. As representatives of manufacturers and producers of high quality excipients for 60 years, our technical knowledge and experience guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

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Our quality ingredients offer superior fortification and functionality for a broad spectrum of products.
Mupirocin Base

Functional Food Beverages

functional food and beverage ingredients ensure that you receive the highest grade, greatest value, and most innovative products on the market today!

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PET Food

We are proud to share some of our premium ingredients for animal health and pet nutrition. We are delighted to offer sustainable, all-natural ingredients for canine, equine and feline nutrition.

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Mupirocin Base
Mupirocin Base


gluconates and Calcium lactate and other highly soluble, flavor-neutral mineral lactates that give your confectionery a nutrition advantage.

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Benefits of our quality organic calcium salts and mineral gluconates. Our gluconic acid can be used for bioavailable minerals production, and offer you good solubility and high bioavailability with a neutral flavor.

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Mupirocin Base

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pharmaceutical manufacturer manufacturer of APIs